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Collaborations with Illustrators

JoJoes Art

JoJoe specializes in fantasy and spiritual art while taking inspiration from nature and fantastical creatures, which you can color for yourself in the JoJoesArt - Fantasy Kingdom book.

The incredible original designs by JoJoe are loved among users and resulted in huge participation of the #JojoesartXct challenge:

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Ms Wearer

Ms Wearer's bold works were transformed into Color Therapy coloring templates, and can be found in the Ms Wearer - Urban Pop Art book.

With creative, eye-catching illustrations like these, it's no wonder the #MsWearerXct challenge went down a storm with our users:

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Becky Cas

We collaborated with Becky Cas, a Mexican freelance artist and positivity-through-art advocate based in Switzerland, to adapt her illustrations into coloring templates.


The Becky Cas - Power of Positivity book on our app garnered many wonderful, charming user colorings for the #BeckyCasXct challenge:

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